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Loved Up: Autumn 13 - issue three

Issue 3 front cover

Here we go with another dose of wedding day drama, dreams and delicious inspiration in this new edition of Loved Up.

We're certainly finding that there's no set prescription for a wedding day any more. Brides are getting more and more savvy about what they want with definite ideas about making the big day their own. With this in mind, in this edition of Loved Up, you'll find the extremes of wedding day bliss, from a wildflower-filled wedding in a field to a striking day of Hollywood glamour from a bride mad about Audrey Hepburn.

For our own shoot with the backdrop of Crab Manor in North Yorkshire, we took a bit of inspiration from Dusty Springfield with a nod to the 60s and a sweep of eyeliner a la Adele. Super-pointy stilettos and very puffed up petticoats made for a dazzling bride.

As always too, Loved Up is filled with stories of real brides from the North East. They've inspired us with some very stylish ideas - hope you feel the same.

Do get in touch and share your big day with us.

Kathryn Armstrong, Editor

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